Why making lists is not a bad thing

November 21, 2016


Are you feeling the buzz of the approaching holiday season? Maybe it's the super-moon or the barometric pressure? I feel it. And we definitely sense some of the shifts in energy in your kiddos during our school days. 


This is the time of year when I start to feel overwhelmed by my schedule and a loss of control, in some ways. It can be a bummer-- a big bummer: that feeling of stasis with a mental list that just keeps growing and growing amidst a swirl of daily responsibilities. It dawned on me this past week that I could employ a tactic from my thesis-writing days: make a list! Revolutionary, right? But seriously, writing down all of the one million things on my mental list and then categorizing them as immediate tasks or those of lesser importance helps me to organize my thinking. And you know there is very little more satisfying than crossing things off of a list!


When we make lists, we are ordering our thinking, a life-skill that develops over time and requires regular attention for fluency (kind of like playing an instrument or speaking a second language). And, once again, the great bonus in modeling this type of behavior for our kids is that they become motivated to do the same. Sitting together with your child, each with a piece of paper and writing utensil, making a list is a wonderful way to model ordered thinking AND literacy. So, go ahead and make a big, old To-Do list with your kids (don't forget to cross off completed tasks!). I guarantee you that you'll both feel better.

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