Transformation is Messy

January 28, 2017


I've been thinking about transformation lately. The kind that is hard to see-- almost imperceptible and then: wow! Something amazing emerges and we see the purpose of the process. 


Did you know that scientists have discovered that, during metamorphosis, a caterpillar doesn't simply grow a pair of wings that have been developing beneath it's thin skin? The caterpillar actually digests itself and completely reconfigures its molecular structure, turning into a soupy sludge prior to emerging from the chrysalis as a transformed winged creature (can you smell a metaphor?).


When I think about the complex process of development in the brain of the young child and the many imperceptible changes that are happening on a cellular level, I can't help but think: you are digesting yourself right now, child. As they make sense of the world and the world's expectations of them, our children are changing their molecular structure. And we wonder why they are so unreasonable-- there's a lot going on! 


Take heart, dear parents! As you patiently wait out the tantrums and negotiate through the irrational requests, you are participating in the process of transformation-- a beautiful thing to behold! Trust yourself, trust the process; with time, you'll have yourself a butterfly.

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