For 2022-23 we are pleased to offer the following enrollment options for a 9 month school year, September through May, with 5 weeks of optional summer camp programming in June and July - dates and availability TBD and based upon public guidance related to the pandemic:

(early start and extended day hours available for an additional fee)

2 days per week: Thursday-Friday half or full day

      3 days per week: Monday-Wednesday half or full day

                                        5 days per week: Monday-Friday half or full day






At SAP Community Nursery School, we are committed to providing access to our program for all children and to continuous investment in our teachers and facilities. To keep our tuition affordable for all, we offer tiered tuition for sustained contributions to our program. 


Please reflect on which tier is the best fit for your family; tier one is the regular cost of tuition. 

Tuition is pro-rated across nine months and is based upon available calendar days for each enrollment option, not on number of days students attend each month. The set monthly rate of tuition factors in school breaks and holidays. 


Tier 1: staff salaries, materials, and routine maintenance (regular cost of tuition)

Tier 2: staff salaries, materials, routine maintenance, scholarship, capital improvement, and staff development. (regular tuition + 10% tax-deductible charitable contribution)

Tier 3: staff salaries, materials, routine maintenance, scholarship fund, capital improvement, staff development, and special projects: one time, specific initiatives for teacher education, family engagement, or facilities improvement. (regular tuition + 15% tax-deductible charitable contribution)


Half day/Early Birdies

8:30 AM-12:30 PM; students bring a lunch from home


  • 2-day Tier 1: $301/month or $2,709/year  
    Tier 2: $331/month or $2,980/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $346/month or $3,115/year (+15%)


  • 3-day Tier 1: $443/month or $3,987/year  
    Tier 2: $487/month or $4,386/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $509/month or $4,585/year (+15%)


  • 5-day Tier 1: $699/month or $6,291/year 
    Tier 2: $769/month or $6,920/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $804/month or $7,235/year (+15%)


Full day/Later Gators

8:30 AM-2:45 PM; students bring a lunch from home


  • 2-day Tier 1: $449/month or $4,041/year  
    Tier 2: $494/month or $4,445/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $516/month or $4,647/year (+15%)


  • 3-day Tier 1: $690/month or $6,210/year  
    Tier 2: $759/month or $6,831/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $794/month or $7,142/year (+15%)


  •    5-day Tier 1: $1,081/month or $9,729/year  
    Tier 2: $1,189/month or $10,702/year (+10%) 
    Tier 3: $1,243/month or $11,188/year (+15%)



ALL DAY/Happy Hippos

8:00 a.m.-5:15 p.m.

a combination of early start, full day, and extended care  and reflects a 10% total discount


  • 2-day Tier 1: $550/month or $4,950/year 
    Tier 2: $605/month or $5,445/year (+10%)
    Tier 3: $666/month or $5,990/year (+15%)


  • 3-day Tier 1: $834/month or $7,506/year 
    Tier 2: $917/month or $8,257/year (+10%)  
    Tier 3: $1,009/month or $9,082/year (+15%)


  •     5-day Tier 1: $1,288/month or $11,592/year  
    Tier 2: $1,417/month or $12,751/year (+10%)  
    Tier 3: $1,558/month or $14,7026/year (+15%)


*Ask about our 12 month tuition billing option*

Happy Hippo enrollment without early start is the combined total of full day + extended day and does not reflect a 10% discount

                                  Add on options for enrolled students

Early Start:
Families desiring an earlier start to the day for their child may opt in to early start at 8 a.m. for a monthly fee. Early start is not available as an a la carte/per day option; it is offered as follows:

2 day: $30/month
3 day: $45/month
5 day: $70/month

Extended Care:

We have a limited number of spots for after school care from 2:45 to 5:15. Caregivers may pick up any time between 3:15 and 5:15, with final pick up at 5:15. Families may elect for 2, 3, or 5 days of extended care. If you prefer both early start AND extended care, we recommend you enroll in "all day" for a 5% overall discount on tuition. 

2 day: $132/month

3 day: $192/month

5 day: $280/month

*Enrollment is limited and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

*Returning families may register in January and we open up registration to the public beginning on February 1st.

*Confirmation letters will be sent out in March.  

*Toilet training/ toilet independence required, please call or email for more details


·    A non-refundable $50 application fee must accompany your application (this will be invoiced by our         bookkeeper upon receipt of your application).

·    A $175 annual supply deposit is due upon receipt of your acceptance letter. 

·    We will bill for September tuition in May.